First Aid For Dogs Program

Training will prepare you for the most common emergency situations that may be encountered. You'll know what to do when your pup swallows a toy, gets into last nights left overs, cuts his paw or worse


Attend a prearranged class or schedule a class in the comfort

of your own home. Minimum of 5 of Participants. 

In just 4 hours, we will cover all the essentials that you need to provide basic first aid care. 

This hands-on class based on real-life situations you are most likely to encounter is developed by a multi-disciplinary team of advisors who continuously provide the most current and updated information.

Topics include…


  • What is First Aid?

  • Why is it important?

  • Dog Speak

Pet Safety… for Me and My Dog

  • Disease Transfer

  • Approach

  • Muzzle Safe? Muzzle Check.

  • Handling and Restraint

A New Way to SEE your Dog

  • Vitals

  • ABC Check

  • What’s normal?

  • What’s an emergency?

Emergency Prevention, Recognition and Interventions

  • Pet CPR

  • Bloat / GDV

  • Beating the Heat

  • Toxins

  • Basic Bandaging

My Veterinary Support Team

  • Planning Ahead

  • Making Contact

  • Transportation

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